Know Who’s Tracking You, Using Smartphone Dial Codes!

Posted by Alster Figuracion on

Gone are the days of wiretaps, when phone conversations and messages were gleaned from tapping phone lines. Nowadays, they can be gotten using your own smartphone. The proliferation of the use of smartphone has also reduced the need for sleuths in tracking your locations. Smartphones can reveal the location of the places you visit.

Most people think only the Communication Security Establishment Canada, CSEC, track calls and messages. That's far from being the reality. Concerned parents are known to keep tabs on their children. Also, couples are always seeking out new ways to track their partners communicate and location. Even business owners aren’t left in trying to track their competitors in a bid to steal trade secrets. The digital age has made all these possible.

How to Know If You’re Being Tracked

There are some physical tell-tale signs, which can indicate that your smartphone has been tracked.  However, these signs can also be as a result of other things.

Battery Rundown: Spy software often make heavy demands on battery usage. Therefore, be on the lookout if your phone suddenly needs to be charged more often.

Odd Phone Behaviour: Is your phone exhibiting strange behaviours?  Then it could be  caused by a spy software. Constant beeping noises, phone shutting down etc., are signs you might be under surveillance.

Increased Data Usage: Your phone's data usage might also increase as a result of spy software. This is because the spy apps need to send information to the receiver using your phone’s internet connection.

Codes You Can Use to Know If You are Being Tracked

Codes offer more certainty in determining whether you are being tracked or not. Here are some useful codes.


This code reveals if your calls and messages are being diverted to other numbers. Not only that, as the number your information is diverted to is revealed as well.


On dialling this code, you can find out where your calls, messages, and data are being redirected.


This universal code deactivates all call redirections on your phones. If you have a hunch of being tracked, dialling this code will terminate all diversions.

Protect Yourself Always

Although codes are very effective in stopping forwarded calls and messages, the damage has already been done. Your best bet is to protect yourself at all times. Using these hacks will ensure you stay protected.

Install Anti-Virus Softwares: Effective anti-virus applications are very effective in blocking malware and dangerous apps.

Use Encrypted Messaging Apps: Apps such as Telegram, Wickr me etc., encrypt their messages. Hence, your messages are safe from the prying eyes of others.

Block Installation of Unknown Apps: It's best to block the installation of apps from unknown sources.  These apps are often malicious.

Do not Click on Unsafe Links: Clicking on unsafe links is another way information can be stolen from your phone. Be careful!